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Extract from the preface to Ernst (bibl 
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Reproduces Janco’s painting “Cabaret 
Tu étais claire et calme. See bibl 72. 
f Träumer (P83-4). 
Translation P37-8. New, unpublished 
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Extract in English. 
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Translation p2q,26. Published in bibl 
I T 
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Also published in “Le Siège de l’air” 
P77 (Ml 13)■ 
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Translation P36. First published in bibl 
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rich, Origo-Verlag, 1947. 
A commentary, largely by Arp, on Was 
sily Kandinsky. 
Collective Statements: 
Although Arp’s name is attached to these 
announcements, he played no active part 
in preparing them (Hagenbach). 
98. Dada soulève tout. 2p Paris, Au Sans 
Pareil, 1921. 
Printed announcement, dated Jan 12 
1921, signed by Varèse, Tzara, Soupault, 
Arp and others. 
99. Hands off love. La Révolution Surré 
aliste 3009:1-6 Oct 1 1927. 
“Surrealist manifesto” in French on 
Charlie Chaplin signed by French artists 
and writers. Modified version, in English, 
published in Transition no6 omits Arp’s 
100. Manifest Proletkunst. Merz m2124-5 
Apr 1923. 
Signed by Arp, Doesburg, Schwitters, 
Spengemann and Tzara. 
101. Permettez! 4p Paris, 1927. 
Printed letter, dated Oct 23 1927, ad 
dressed to officials of Ardennes and 
Charleville protesting the memorial to 
Rimbaud. Signed by Maxim Alexandre, 
Aragon, Arp, Breton, Desnos, Eluard, 
Ernst and others. 
Graphic Work of Arp: 
102. 7 Arpaden. 7 prints in-folio Hannover, 
Merzverlag [1923]. 
Lithographs issued as Merz nry “Arp 
Mappe, Zweite mappe des Merzverlages” 
in 30 numbered copies. Illustrations also 
published, in miniature, in G nr3:48 
June 1924.

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