Full text: Secession (Number one) (1)

The poems of Paul Eluard in Exemples, with their 
bright hardness and their artfully chosen typographical 
appearances suggest curious and tortured movements 
a little beyond the reverberations of the words. They 
are dominated by a piercing humor which is however 
quite unlike Aragon’s or Jarry’s. 
The conviction strengthens here and there among 
the extreme young who are jealous of their liberty that 
the modern folk-lore of which Apollinaire spoke is 
taking shape. These young writers are of considerable 
ingenuity and charm. Their work seems clean; they are 
not tangled up in messy Parnassian paraphernalia; they 
do not fumble with the old clichés. These observations 
are the basis for my initial assertion that France is not 
exhausted. Nor is Europe, in that case. One feels curiously 
as if a great developing movement, a momentous front- 
drive were getting under way. 
On the other hand, the conviction comes that Ameri 
cans need play no subservient part in this movement. 
It is no occasion for aping European or Parisian tenden 
cies. Quite the reverse, Europe is being Americanized. 
, American institutions, inventions, the very local conditions 
of the United States are being duplicated, are being „put 
over“ daily in Europe. One has only to visit Berlin, for in 
stance, in 1922 to witness this phenomenon.The complexion 
of the life of the United States has been transformed so 
rapidly and so daringly that its writers and artists are 
rendered a strategic advantage. They need only react 
faithfully and imaginatively to the brilliant minutiae of 
her daily existence in the big cities, in the great 
industrial regions, athwart her marvelous and young 
mechanical forces. 

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