Full text: The little review (8 (1922), 2)

B. M. Well, if I were interested in the Little Review I’d 
help you. 
L. R. Which is to say you’re not successful in your flair 
B. M. How do you make that? 
L. R. If you had a flair you’d recognize another good one 
when you saw it. 
B. M. I’ll grant yours is interesting. But it can never be 
L. R. Discovered! That’s why we asked you to help. 
B. M. But you’ve got to be keen about a thing. I’m not 
keen about the Little Review. 
L. R. Why not be? 
B. M. But I’m not really keen about anything. 
L. R. We knew you were an unhappy man before we 
talked to you. Hence this appeal to your unem 
ployed imagination... . 
B. M. Well, I confess I haven’t got any imagination.... 
L. R. We knew that too. Make it self-supporting! 
B. M. Make what self-supporting? 
L. R. Your lack of imagination. 
— ! ! — ! — ! 
Note to Calendar 
The Christian era came definitely to an END at midnight of the 29-30 of October (1921) 
old style. 
There followed the Feast of ZAGREUS, and a Feast of PAN counted as of no era; the new 
year thus beginning as on 1st November (old style), now HEPHAISTOS. 
The new months, replacing the old months: of cold months HEPHAISTOS (for November), 
and then in the following order ZEUS, SATURN, HERMES, MARS, PHOEBUS APOLLO; and 
the warm months; KUPRIS, JUNO, ATHENE, HESTIA, ARTEMIS and DEMETER, the male 
months being also under ISIS, and the female months, two by two, under PAN, POSEIDON and 
The following feasts are instituted, to ZAGREUS on the 30th Demeter; to PAN on the 31st 
Demeter; Feast of Figures on the 14th Hermes; Feast of Political Buncomb, ancient feast of 
fools or feast of the ass, Mort de Caesar, Jules, 15th Mars; PRIAPUS, 1st Kupris; EPITHAL- 
AMIUM, ancient Corpus Domini, 15th Juno; FAUNUS 6th Artemis; AUSTER and APELIOTA 
14th Artemis. 
The year turns upon HORUS.

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