Full text: The little review (8 (1922), 2)

prophets of Israel and the Apostles preached it long ago. Men 
must be truthful, kindly, abstemious; then all would be well 
with them. They must understand one another, sympathize with 
one another, and love one another. That was the Word. When 
all did so, then God’s kingdom would have come on earth. 
Meantime the few who knew the truth and strove to live by it 
would, even though they were lonely and cast out, become happy, 
strong, and courageous. Theirs would be a life unattainable by 
the gross and careless, a life inconceivable by such, yet the life 
that all men really desired, the life that was man’s heritage. 
Aside, as it were, for the assurance of timid children, he illus 
trated some of the workings of God’s plan. Once a man had 
received God into his heart and was trying earnestly to live 
according to His will, God would not neglect or desert him 
either in this world or any other. He himself was but a humble 
servant bidden to teach and expound the Word. And since he 
strove to do this, even though he never succeeded as he wished 
to, yet God had blessed him forty years with health and strength 
and the means to live. “The servant am worthy of his hire,” God 
had said, yet so merciful and kind was God that, “Jes so long as 
you try the best you can, He’ll stand by you. Money an things 
is the least, but He’ll see to them too. Ah don’t have to worry. 
When Ah get out of money He sends me means to get some. Ah 
don’t owe nobody a cent tonight ’cept seventy-five cents fo coal, 
and the man said the’ wasn’t no hurry for that; but Ah’m goin 
to pay him tomorrow night. And this week Ah was down to the 
Boahd of Public Works and they said they’d put me to work 
next Wednesday mornin shovellin up ashes in the alleys. Ah’m 
gwine be there. So I get on. Kase Ah’m tryin to do as God 
said. He’ll do jes the same by you. If you wonder who I am 
to stand out here and tell you this, Ah’m Brothah Frank Burns, 
Servant of the Lord, come to preach the Word like ole Isaiah 
and Jeremiah and ole Jonah—an like ole Peter an Paul an Silas. 
They said what Ah’m tellin you naow! Kase that’s God’s Word 
that’ll make you happy an strong an glad!” 
Bright earnestness! steadfast belief! Rapture stirring in your 
heart! But two city policemen come through the dark streets 
where the brothels are, making their way swiftly in the gloom, 
and they hear the preacher’s voice and raise their heads. They

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