Full text: The little review (9 (1923), 4)

in the Oedipus story: should any author use it, he would be 
hissed off the stage. The same holds true for other stories of this 
kind. No one conceals his incestuous loves any longer. 
A hundred years ago crimes of passion were punished with 
death; under the influence of romanticism they are no longer 
dangerous for their perpetrators. In fifty years, under the influ 
ence of DADA, parricides will be acquitted with the congratu 
lations of the jury. 
Relations of M and his children: 
They vary, according to the mood of the gentleman, from pure 
and simple suppression to the meal of Ugolin, who was only a 
timid fore runner. There should be a law against respect for 
The nineteenth century will have tried in vain to establish the 
supremacy of youth in the world: the overthrow of its ideas 
takes place amid general hilarity (the sanctity of childhood is 
now only a joke). 
Relations of the man and his neighbour: 
M has no neighbour. He cuts up men and puts them in water 
to ornament his apartment. He kills as he can at random. He 
robs, he rests, he fornicates, he reproaches no one, he breaks 
bodies for his pleasure, he has already said that he is good. 
Relations of M with himself: 
They are the relations of politeness with brusque attacks of 
frankness. One sets sail on an uncertain sea: there is no fore 
seeing the mood of the next minute except perhaps there is an 
innate horror of blows (and still see the boxers). Has M a self? 
He asks himself sometimes without the least anxiety. He will 
know in several years his ideas on suicide. 
Relations of M with his family, his country, society, the race, 
They are the relations of humanity, the race, society, country, 
family with the M. 
Blood relationship is not indispensable for sex relations. 
When one has a large intelligence one admits that two compatri

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